1. General provisions

1.1. These regulations (“Regulations”) stipulate the principles of providing the services offered on the website located at and its sub-websites (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), by “Amica S.A.” with its registered office in Wronki, at 52 Mickiewicza Street (postal code: 64-510 Wronki), Poland, entered into the register of businesses maintained by the District Court in Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 9th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS no. 0000017514, share capital of 15,550,546.00 PLN, paid in full, with a NIP no. (tax identification number) 763-000-34-98, (hereinafter also referred to as “Amica” or the “Company”), the principles of using the Website by natural persons (hereinafter also referred to as the “User”) and the services offered via the Website, as well as the principles of the User's personal data protection where the User is a natural person.

1.2. Using the Website is governed by the Regulations. These Regulations apply both to the Website and to particular services offered via the Website, unless special provisions of separate regulations state otherwise. If the provision of a given service takes place based on special provisions (separate regulations), the Website, before making the service available for the first time, requests the User to read the regulations and express their explicit consent to the content of the regulations.

1.3. Before using the Website the User is obliged to read the Regulations. While using the Website in any way whatsoever the User states and confirms that they have read these Regulations, accepted its provisions and is obliged to follow them.

1.4. The Regulations are available on the Website, free of charge, in a form that enables the User to obtain, record, display and print them via an information and communication technology system.

2. Copyright and other intangible property rights

2.1. All and any information, data and materials made available on the Website (including names, trademarks, logotypes, colours, photos, graphics, website layout, product descriptions, audio-video files, etc.) and any other intangible property rights connected with the Website content belong to the Company or the entities with whom the Company has concluded respective agreements, and they are protected under copyright, trademark protection rights or other rights.

2.2. The User can use the resources of the Website only for their personal use. In particular, without an authorization in writing issued by the Company, any distributing, sending, modifying, posting of the content on other websites, providing links and using the Website in its entirety or in its part, including any information, data and materials mentioned in point 2.1 for commercial or public purposes is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to remove any information on copyright and other intangible property rights, for instance the trademark protection rights.

3. Types and scope of services provided by electronic means

3.1. On the Website the User may use the following, publicly available services:

a) Information Service – enabling the User to browse and read the information made available on the Website pertaining to the HANSA brand products, the Company’s operations, promotional campaigns and other services connected with the HANSA brand,

b) Download Service – enables the User to download elements files made available on the Website, in example product fiche, instruction manual, energy label,

c) Dedicated Contact Form Service - Overall Contact Form – enables the User to submit questions relating to any topic chosen by the User;

(hereinafter jointly called the “Services” and individually the “Service”).

3.2. The agreement on providing the Information Service by electronic means is concluded when the User visits the Website located at or any of its subsites, and it is terminated upon leaving all subsites of the Website by the User.

3.3. In case of Services other than the Information Service stated in point 3.2. the agreement on providing the Service by electronic means is concluded when the User starts using a given Service, and is terminated when the User stops using the Service, unless the Regulations provide another date for concluding or terminating the agreement on providing the Service by electronic means.

3.4. The Services indicated in point 3.1 are provided free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3.5. The Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Website or its particular Services in order to conduct maintenance works or introduce changes to the Website/Services.

3.6. So far as permitted by the applicable law the Company reserves the right to remove or modify the content and functions of the Website or particular Services, prevent the User from accessing the Website or selected Services, as well as to introduce changes to the rules of using the Website or particular Services.

4. Technical requirements

4.1. Using the Website and the Services provided by the Website requires meeting the following technical requirements:

a) Browser: the latest version of IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera, or the version preceding the latest version;

b) Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, or iOS;

c) The browser needs to support JavaScript, Adobe FlashPlayer plugin version 9+, HTML5;

d) Internet access;

e) E-mail box – if the User agrees to receive any information/answers via e-mail;

f) Accepting Cookies and html5 localStorage.

4.2. In case of using hardware and/or software by the User that do not comply with technical requirements stated in Clause 4.1 above, Amica can’t guarantee correct functioning of the Website and/or Services.

5. Information Service

5.1. Amica allows the Users to browse, display and read the information and materials (including photos, texts, graphics, data and audio-video materials, etc.) made available on the Website, and in particular information and materials on the HANSA brand products, promotional campaigns and other services connected with Amica products.

5.2. Amica uses its best efforts to ensure that the information presented on the Website, in particular concerning the HANSA brand products, is true and reliable. However, any information contained on the Website is only for informational purposes while detailed technical data for the products presented on the Website can be found in retail outlets. The information provided on the Website does not constitute an offer under the provisions of the Polish Civil Code.

5.3. Despite making every effort the Company cannot guarantee the colour accuracy of the photos presented on the Website due to the fact that their display depends on the screen settings and screen resolution.

5.4. The Website may contain links to other websites, including social media websites, as well as automatically sending the User to other websites which are not maintained by Amica. Amica is not responsible for any content posted on any other website to which it sends the User or for other websites embedded in the Website. Moreover, Amica is not liable for any consequences resulting from using such websites.

5.5. The Company reserves the right to introduce changes to all or some of the information and materials contained on the Website at any time.

6. Using the Website. User’s obligations

6.1. The User is obliged to use the Website and the Services offered on the Website in a manner observing the law, the Regulations and the specifics of a given Service, as well as in line with the principles of social co-existence and good practices.

6.2. The User shall refrain from any actions that violate the law, good practices, third party property or moral rights, and in particular from using other people’s data as their own personal data.

6.3. Providing by the User any illegal and offensive content via the Website or any misleading information, as well as content that may cause any interference or damage to the IT systems, is strictly forbidden.

6.4. The User cannot disclose any confidential or proprietary information via the Website.

6.5. The User of the Website and/or particular Services may only be an adult, having full capacity to perform acts in law. A minor and/or a person not having full legal capacity may be a User provided that they obtain consent to do so from their parent or other statutory representative.

6.6. So far as permitted by the applicable law Amica reserves the right to differentiate the criteria entitling the Users to use some parts of the Website / some Services.

7. Reservations, exclusions and limitations

7.1. The Company makes every effort to ensure that the Website can be accessed via various configurations of the software and equipment available on the market. However, the Company does not guarantee that every configuration will allow the User to use the whole Website or its particular Services. Moreover, using the entire or a part of the Website or a given Service may require particular configuration of the software or equipment.

7.2. The Company is not liable for the content and safety of the websites belonging to other entities whose links were provided on the Website, which were embedded in the Website or to which the User was sent automatically.

7.3. The Company hereby notifies that using electronic means of communication, such as the Website or e-mail, does not guarantee confidentiality of the transmitted data nor the lack of any other risks, such as computer viruses.

7.4. The Company, within its legal boundaries, is not liable for:

a) Any damage caused to third parties that occurred due to using the Website or particular Services by the User in a manner contrary to the Regulations or currently applicable provisions of the law;

b) Any damage caused to third parties that was the result of providing untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading data by the User;

c) Any damage being the result of serious errors that occurred while configuring the User’s receiving device;

d) Any damage connected with using the data and information from the Website by the User for investment, economic or business purposes, etc.

8. User’s personal data

8.1. Using some Services offered by the Website may require stating personal data by the User. 

8.2. “Amica S.A.” with its registered office in Wronki at ul. Mickiewicza 52, postal code: 64-510 Wronki, Poland is the User’s personal data administrator (hereinafter in this paragraph referred to as the “Administrator”), unless another personal data administrator was specifically indicated while stating personal data by the User.

8.3. The personal data provided by the User will be processed by the Administrator in order to provide a Service to the User within the Website for the following purposes: 

a) Handling questions submitted by the User (as described in the letter c) Clause 3.1 of the Regulation);

b) For marketing purposes (if the User explicitly agrees for processing the personal data);

c) Handling questions and complaints connected with using the Website (as indicated in the Clauses 10.1 and 10.2. of the Regulation).

8.4. The User has the right to access their personal data and correct it. Stating the personal data is voluntary, however it may be necessary in order to make use of a Service/ Services or of some of their features.

8.5. The User’s consent for processing the personal data and for receiving commercial information from the Administrator on the e-mail address stated by the User and for making use by the Administrator of electronic mail for direct marketing purposes may be withdrawn at any time. A withdrawal of a consent may be expressed via sending an e-mail to or in writing via mail and sent to the address indicated in the introductory part of these Regulations.

8.6. The Administrator shall observe the highest standards of safety in reference to the processed personal data.

8.7. The personal data regarding the Users is stored for as long as it is necessary, which results from a purpose this data was gathered for. 

8.8. If there is a change of the stated personal data during the period of making use of a Service/Services or of some of their features that require stating personal data, the User shall notify Amica on such a change. A failure to do so may prevent Amica from providing the Service/Services or some of their features, and in such case Amica shall not be held accountable.

9. Statistics and cookies

9.1. Amica can use any tools for creating visit statistics for the Website and User traffic on the Website. Information not being personal data, such as: the operating system used by the User, type and version of the browser, the number of visits to the Website, may be automatically collected for that purpose.

9.2. The Website can record and read Cookies which allows it to identify the User in order to simplify the operations performed on the Website. Using Cookies does not allow the Website to collect any personal data of the Users. More information on using Cookies by the Website can be found here

10. Complaints

10.1. Should the User have any questions or concerns regarding the rules of using the Website, they can contact a respective employee by writing to:

10.2. The Website Users can submit their complaints on matters connected with using the Website and particular Services. They can submit their complaints by sending them via:

a) Mail to the following address: Amica S.A., ul. Mickiewicza 52, 64-510 Wronki, Poland, or

b) E-mail to the following address:,

within 30 days from the date the circumstances covered by the complaint occurred.

10.3. A complaint should contain at least the following information:

a) Details of the person making the complaint (first and last name, address,

e-mail address if the User has one),

b) A description of the problem being the reason for the complaint.

10.4. The Company processes the complaints within 14 days from the date of their receipt. The result of the complaints shall be immediately sent to the address indicated in the complaint. In especially complex cases the above deadline may be extended, and in such a case the person making the complaint shall be notified of its extension and of the new deadline for processing the complaint.

10.5. Complaints containing untrue or incomplete data as indicated in point 10.3 or submitted after the lapse of the deadline set out in point 10.2 shall not be processed.

11. Final provisions

11.1. Amica has the right to make any changes to the Regulations. The changes to the Regulations shall not limit the rights acquired by the Users prior to the introduction of the changes.

11.2. The changes to the Regulations shall be posted in the form of a unified text of the Regulations on the Website and communicated on the main site of the Website 7 days in advance in an appropriate manner allowing the Users to analyse the said changes.

11.3. The User should immediately read the changes due to the fact that using the Website or particular Services, after the changes to the Regulations enter into force, constitutes acceptance of the new provisions of the Regulations by the User.

11.4. If the User does not accept the changes, they should refrain from using the Website and immediately notify the Company of their decision.

11.5. The governing law for all legal relations that stem from the Regulations is Polish substantive law. All and any rights and obligations that result from or are in connection with these Regulations, shall be governed by the respective public courts of the Republic of Poland or, in cases where the User is a consumer, also the courts of the Republic of Estonia, if the User chooses so or Amica is a plaintiff in the case.

11.6. The provisions of these Regulations do not breach the currently imperative provisions of the law in any way. The imperative provisions of the law cannot be excluded in connection to the relations between the Company and the User by way of these Regulations. It means that in every case that proves that a given provision is contrary to such imperative provisions of the law, it shall not apply to the relations between the Company and the User and shall be replaced by respective and imperative provisions of the law.

11.7. These Regulations enter into force on 24.07.2017.