Oven cleaning: easier than ever

Self-cleaning ovens
Cleaning the oven without lifting a finger? It is that easy with pyrolytic oven cleaning, an automated self-cleaning function which heats the oven to 490 ºC to break down organic molecules. Say goodbye to scrubbing the oven on your knees: it will even clean the most stubborn of grime. All we need to do is decide how we'd like to spend our free time while the dirty work is being done.

2-in-1: baking and cleaning
Pyrolytic oven cleaning is not the only self-cleaning method. Replaceable catalytic liners are also extremely effective. These absorb the grease and dirt to keep the oven clean.

Hot wash
The Aqualytic System is another useful feature for keeping our oven clean of any residue, including those that are invisible at first glance. The smooth structure of the AquaRealEase® enamel, used to coat the inner walls of the oven, makes wet cleaning strain-free. Just pour some water into the bottom of the oven and set the programme. Wait half an hour for the steam to soften even the toughest of baked-on food and then wipe it away from the oven walls with a damp cloth.

Clean inside and out
Cleaning the oven door is no longer a chore. The easy-cleaning door system makes it easier than ever to keep the door glass panels clear without any specialist tools. With the two holders at the top of the door, we can remove and thoroughly clean the glass panels, even in a dishwasher.

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