Everything in its place: how to keep your fridge organised

Top-shelf products
In standard refrigerators, higher means warmer. The upper shelves are best for long-lasting products, including jarred preserves. Vegetables, fruit, cheese, fish and meat should be stored on lower shelves. Arrange items so as not to block the light inside the fridge. Hansa appliances use modern LED lighting which provides intense illumination from the top to the bottom of the fridge compartment. The “higher means warmer” rule does not apply to refrigerators with NoFrost technology, as every level has exactly the same temperature since the cool air is evenly distributed within the compartment.

Door bins for drinks and sauces
The fridge door space is excellent for storing products in packages of non-standard heights. The temperature in the door bins is relatively high, so don't use them for products that go off quickly. It's a perfect spot for drinks, sauces and small jars. Most fridge doors also have a top lidded shelf for eggs and butter.
Note that Hansa fridges feature adjustable door balconies, which can be repositioned at any time to suit the height of the products.

Drawer magic
The crisper drawers at the bottom of the fridge are the best place for storing fruit and vegetables. Hansa fridges have special VitControl crispers to keep your produce crisp and fresh for up to twice as long as on the shelves. This is because the VitControl crispers control the air humidity levels. Our fridges also feature the ChillZone crisper, where the temperature is several degrees lower than in the rest of the fridge, and the FreshZone crisper, where the maximum temperature is 3⁰C, perfect for fresh fish and other short-life products.