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  • Motor: LogicDrive 2.0

    Motor: LogicDrive 2.0

  • TurboDrying


  • Start delay

    Start delay



Control panel: Fully integrated control panel Display colour red Floating switch
Electronic rinse aid indicator Electronic salt indicator ZoneWash
Start delay: 24 h Electronic display Control panel: standard
Safe wine glass washing Touch control


Up&Down system Upper rack folding tines LED inner light
BlueDot TurboDrying AquaStop
No. of baskets: 3 pcs FlexiSpace Sound signal
Lower rack folding tines MaxiSpace3

Dishwashing programmes

9 dishwasher programmes Auto 45° - 55°C Intensive 65°C programme
Party 30°C/27 min. programme Eco 45°C programme 1 hour 60°C/60 min.
Rapid wash programme Programme Glass Soak
Normal 65°C

Technical data

Height 81.5 cm Width 59.8 cm Depth 55 cm
Motor: LogicDrive 2.0 Energy consumption 0.83 kWh Water consumption 10 l
Noise level 42 dB Annual energy consumption 237 kWh Annual water consumption 2800 l
Energy effciency rating A+++ Drying efficiency rating A Colour White
Washing efficiency rating A Panel colour Black Reference program duration 195 min.
Load 14 place settings

Motor: LogicDrive 2.0 Motor: LogicDrive 2.0

Each dishwashing programme requires its own cycle settings. That is why the LogicDrive 2.0 motor in Hansa dishwashers has a wide speed range. It adjusts the water pressure to suit the programme selected and the type of dishes. This ensures not only clean dishware and improved safety. The dishwasher is also less noisy and uses less energy. No brushes in the motor mean a longer motor life. Water pressure control takes us to a new level in saving money!

TurboDrying TurboDrying

Convenience and hygiene with perfectly dry dishes. The additional fan system forces air to circulate inside the dishwasher. This ensures more efficient drying. TurboDrying ensures the dishes are perfectly dry and shiny without a speck even if washed with cold programmes. No more tedious wiping by hand with a cloth, a perfect breeding space for dangerous germs. It’s clean, it’s hygienic, it’s convenient!

  • Start delay

    Start delay

    You can plan your whole day. Why not also schedule your chores at home? Just choose the right moment to start dishwashing with the start delay function. Set the dishwasher to start the cycle while you are away from home, to finish by the time you return from enjoying an afternoon relaxing. The maximum start delay time is 24 hours, so you can even start the cycle at night, when your energy plan is at a lower tariff. Hansa dishwashers are all about convenience and customisation, specifically for our needs.

  • ZoneWash


    Luckily, not everything is ever really dirty, but you still want the whole lot clean. Now you can have less than a full load in your dishwasher and choose which rack you want washed with ZoneWash. If you select the top sprinkler, only the top rack(s) will be washed. Choosing the bottom sprinkler will only wash everything in the bottom rack. If you still want to wash a partial load of dishes with both sprinklers selected, they will run alternately. This provides tangible energy and money savings. Full performance at partial loads.

  • BlueDot


    Hansa appliances are sometimes so quiet that it is hard to know if they are running or not. This is why the BlueDot LED installed at the door bottom casts a beam of light on the floor, to let you know that the dishwasher is running. When dishwashing is finished, the light starts flashing before switching off. Now you know exactly when everything is done.

  • Auto 45° - 55°C programme

    Auto 45° - 55°C programme

    So many dishwashing settings to choose from... and you don’t even have to remember which to use in a given situation! The dishwasher will select the right dishwashing level to tackle the grime. A special sensor helps the dishwasher adjust the settings during the cycle and optimise the process. Just press the Auto button, and let the dishwasher do the rest.

  • Party 30°C/27 min. programme

    Party 30°C/27 min. programme

    Perfect for parties, especially when using delicate glassware. The washing cycle at a temperature of 30°C lasts only 27 minutes, saving you time and maximising efficiency.

  • Safe wine glass washing

    Safe wine glass washing

    Washing glassware has never been safer, as there is a special basket designed for dishes and glasses of all shapes.

  • LED inner light

    LED inner light

    When the dishwasher door is opened, a light automatically comes on. This makes the contents of the dishwasher clearly visible.

  • AquaStop


    Hansa dishwashers are perfectly safe from water leaks and flooding. If there is a water leak inside the dishwasher, the AquaStop system is triggered and automatically cuts off the water supply at the dishwasher inlet. Now we can be fully confident that our dishwasher will not flood our home — or the neighbours one floor down. Everything remains under control.

  • Sound signal

    Sound signal

    The end of the washing cycle is acoustically signalled.

  • Energy effciency rating A+++

    Energy effciency rating A+++

    Nobody likes to pay their energy bills. Hansa cares for your budget and the environment, so Hansa dishwashers feature solutions that guarantee lower power consumption, which means lower bills. The energy consumption savings for an A+++ class dishwasher are 62 kWh more per year than for an A+ class dishwasher. This means up to 59 washing cycles a year at the same power consumption level. Hansa dishwashers are efficient all around! Cost-efficient and ecological washing, in one!

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